I know THe grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

mrgreengenes(5 Chicago)August 10, 2014

I dream of one day owning my own farm. My wife and I are completely ubanites too. I have some horticultural training and have been growing bonsai for 12 years.

I thought I finally had my big break a couple of months ago. A landowner 15 minutes away was looking to have someone use their land so they could keep their Ag zoning status. They weren't charging for the use of their land just appreciating the tax breaks they get.

They weren't too keen on the idea of letting me have a tree nursery. Although I'm pretty certain they could keep their zoning status.

But I'll keep looking. Keep praying. I'm sure one day I'll have some land but I just hope I am young enough to enjoy it. I'm 40 now.

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There are often plots right near the city that people are holding for investment and might be available for you to lease.

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