Rooster chasing hen off nest -- why?? (long post)

dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)August 4, 2010

I have a small flock of rare breed hens, divided into two pens. Got some chicks from one pen, two hens hatched out small broods so far, the rooster is a nice boy.

For the other pen, this spring I was able to get a rooster with different blood lines, but I couldn't figure out why one of the hens in this pen moved onto three different clutches over the past month. She was broody, but didn't stay to the end of the hatch. I was getting pretty upset -- means I won't get a brood from this rooster.

Since it's a rare breed line, I'm trying to diversify the flock.

So, I walk into the pen this morning, just as the rooster is harrassing the hen. Not trying to breed, just chasing her off the nest!! He soon got his marching orders, he's now on the outside looking in, while I hope that she may be able to get a hatch. However, i don't know how much time she spent off the nest.

Has this happened to anyone. This breed (Chantecler) is noted for their mild mannered roosters. I'm not sure I want his bloodline mixed into my flock anyway, if this is what they turn out like. He'll be on his way to the bachelor pad with the other roosters.

ANyone else run into this problem?

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My results are iffy if I let the hens brood. She should be separated quickly from the population with her eggs so she is not only protected from a roo, but also other hens, who are the ones in my coop who usually scoot a hen off eggs to claim them and end up with breakage or more eggs lain over the original ones.

If I am serious about breeding chicks I use an incubator.

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