Tom Turkey sitting on eggs????

lynn36331August 28, 2006

When we left Florida my friend took my turkeys for me. She called today and told me the tom is sitting on eggs. I'm not that well versed on turkeys, but I've never heard of this. Has this happened to anyone else here???

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I don't have any Turkeys, but a friend of mine has Muscovy ducks and one of her male ducks will sit on the eggs while the female goes to eat.

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I just remembered I was watching a Bald Eagle on a cam a while back and they would take turns too. It really amazes me. Thanks for your input too.

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patrick_nh(z4/5 NH)

Yes, it happens occasionally that a tom will SET on eggs. It's different than the eagles. In many bird species, both sexes will normally set, and share incubation and feeding duties. Turkeys are not one of them, but it does happen occasionally that a tom will try. Usually he will not set tightly enough for the entire term to actually hatch a clutch out.

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ncflowerpower(z8 NE NC)

Our tom turkey took care of the chicks better than the hen did after they hatched. He would feed them, keep the chickens away and talk to them. Our hens just wander around not knowing what to do with the chicks. : )

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I'll try to let you know how he does with these eggs......Thanks so much for letting me know it's OK...

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I have a tom that is sitting on eggs - the sad thing is that they are peafowl eggs and I don't think they are fertile -- does anyone know how long peahens stay fertile after being separated from the peacock? thanks, sjh

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