Help! Bat in my house

smilessmileyAugust 16, 2011

Last night I came home after being on vacation for a week. My dog was barking very wildly when I went to use the restroom but I didn't think anything of it. I did so e paperwork for about 30 min then went to the couch to watch tv. Around 1am a bat flew past my face. I jumped off of the couch and ran out of the door. I brought my friend over and he couldn't find it anywhere. I have a very large older house. We went back in the day today and looked but couldn't find it anywhere. Closed all of the doors then went back at duck and stayed for 2 hours opened the doors to all of the rooms and left the front door open but it didn't fly out And I can't find it anywhere. Where. Oils it be hiding and how can I tell if it is still in my house. I am so scared of it.

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it's possible it came in through a hole somewhere either under the eves or under a piece of siding. they can get into VERY tiny places.

bats are active only at night unless they are sick. chances are, if it is still in your house, during the daytime it is "roosting" somewhere. when they are folded up and asleep, they are EXTREMELY hard to see. if you can, during the day look in each room and look up high as if it's roosting, it will be clinging to something high. they are very good at "sticking" to just about anything, even walls if the surface has some texture to it.

i know they are scary but unless it is sick, it really is harmless. i've had this happen a couple of times and i just gently covered it with a towel, picked it up and put it back outside.

if you can find it and catch it, PLEASE don't kill it. they are valuable animals for controlling insects. i have tons of bats around here and often sit out on the deck in the evenings and watch them swoop in to catch the bugs attracted by the light on my flat pole.

don't even think about trying to throw a net over it if you see it flying. they fly by "radar" and anything that gets in their way (like a net), they easily fly around it.

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

We also have an old house and quite frequently have a bat find its way down from the (unused) attic. We have had good success using a butterfly net. They do navigate by echo-location, but the net does not give them time to react if you are quick. Once netted, a flick of the wrist to close the net on itself will keep the bat contained while you carry it outside to release it. Bats most often show up here on extremely hot evenings. I think the air rising must feel cooler to them than what is in the attic and they follow the coolness down.

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Might I just remind everyone bats do carry diseases, rabies is one.

If you choose to remove it yourself at least wear thick gloves...though you would be considered exposed, I would think?

I have no suggestions to help with the bat in your house just wanted to mention the disease bit.

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