gelding a mini donkey

lilbitfarmsAugust 25, 2010

we recently purchased a intact mini donkey who is 2 1/2. he has began biting our 2 year old steer. the mini jack actually chases the calf until he can bite him on the back the legs even the tail. the mini jack also uses his neck to puck the calfs neck down. at first we thought that he was trying to play but the calf is running away and does not seem to be enjoying it. does anyone know if gelding will stop this and how do you geld a mini jack, the local farmer said to band him like the calf was but not sure if that is proper for a donkey. does anyone know howwe can correct his problem and any advice on gelding would be appreciated.

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I have 2 mini donks, a jenny and a gelding. We got them when they were about 7 months and 9 months. The farm we got them from advised us to geld the jack at about 1 year of age. The behavior you describe is normal for donkeys. Our 2 chase each other around and nip each other(not bite) and usually the one being nipped at kicks and bucks. They are playing, and the "neck thing" is also normal and I think, a form of domination. Both of our donkeys do that to each other all the time. We took our jack to a vet to be castrated. It only took about 30 minutes from start to finish. He was sedated, cut, and then recovered(awake enough to travel) before he was sent home. I think the cost was about $125. I can't imagine banding a donkey, especially at that age! As for the "behavior", if you were to get another donkey he would probably leave the steer alone! Gelding him should make him a bit more docile.

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I also don't know if the behavior will change, but it sounds like he needs someone to play with.

I have 3 mini donks, and the vet gelded them in my barn. I had to help .... it was quick and amazing to watch.

I agree, get another gelded donkey to play with yours.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Equines, donkey, pony or horse are often hard on cattle with no horns to defend themselves. Chasing the calf does not allow him to eat or rest like he needs to for good weight gain. I would keep them apart, so donkey does not hurt the calf. Even extremely gentle equines can turn into monsters with cattle in their pens or pastures. Give the cattle no rest at all.

I would take donkey to the Vet, pay for the operation. Vet will make sure both testicles are removed, animal is draining well. You will need to exercise him daily, a couple times, like morning and evening. This is to keep drainage going, prevent swelling. We hose them a couple times a day after the exercise, get the drainage off the hair. We move them around the pen for forced exercise, keep hole draining.

With the heat, now might be a poor time to geld. Flies carry a LOT of infection, certainly impossible to keep them off a bloody or draining wound. I would wait until it got cooler weather, less insects for causing infection on the donkey.

I have never heard of banding donkey jacks, even minis. I am sure it has happened, but the parts are not always the same in various animals even if they all do eat grass. They do not react the same way. Gelding is a job for the Vet, and you pay for his services.

Donkey is old enough for some training, might keep him busy instead of causing trouble. Training while young will help prevent the stubborn resistances of older animals getting a new job. They are not horses, training may be difficult as you figure out how the donkey brain thinks! You won't change him, so you have to be creative!

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