Recycling dead refrigerator

blueberrier1August 31, 2007

Compressor blown in 20 yr old Amana frig. Was the downstairs 'extra' one I used to air chill/age chickens before freezing. Anyone with suggestions on how I can use it for something in the barn?

Will have to see about getting the gases emptied and would take out the compressor.

If I take it to the landfill, I will take out the shelves , shelf standards and the bins for use in prepping foods for the freezer.

cella jane

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You might want to use it like some people use old chest a food storage bin for you chicken feed.

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

Another idea is to make a smoker out of it. Should be easy to google plans... I know a lot of people recycle old fridges this way.

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littlereo(Conklin Mi.)

Dig a hole and put it in it, and make a worm bed so when you want to go fish, open the door get the worms off you go fishing.

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If you make a 'smoker" out of it be sure to google for instructions, a fridege is built out of alot of toxic materials "NOT " harmful for it's intended use, but when you alter it with heat you could open up bad stuff,

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Thanks for comments. Read a few sites that said smoker conversion is not suggested at all with current appliances.

Like the worm bed idea, but would have to pile dirt around the frig as soil here has too many hidden small to huge rocks.

Now looking at stripping out those shelves and brackets and putting on the wall near my recycled commercial sink. Will hold the bins as well.

Need to check with the landfill folks to see if they will remove the gas and then return the 'box' to me for trip back home. Of course, need a trailer for this. All that storage in a neat box! Too good to toss. Seems like all the weight is the compressor/motor.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)

Some folks use them as storage cabinets for things like paint and such. Other folks like to take off the doors, lay them flat and fill them with dirt to make raised garden beds out of them. Might be nice for a small herb garden.

We have a still workable gas refrigerator which we use to store pans in until we get around to swapping it out for some solar panels or something else.

I like the refrigerator racks and the crisper bins to use in the garage for storage shelves and to make storage drawers out of. One of the chicken coops has a floor made of wire racks which the chickens seem to like to walk on much better than chicken wire.

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Make a garden pond!! Buried or raised

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