ivermectin treatment length/duration4mange in dogs (non-collie)

MariaeMayerAugust 11, 2012

Yet Again...Ivermectin...Do I need to treat my dog for mange, A SPECIFIC LENGTH OF TIME (ie Daily for 2-4 weeks), using Ivermectin paste and what quantity would also take care of OTHER parasites?

Any help with this would GREATLY be appreciated as we are all suffering when our babies suffer.

Thank you ALL SO MUCH! : )

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I haven't had a mange problem with my dog, but you may find that rubbing coconut oil topically on the mange area may help. Also may want to give your pup a teaspoon of coconut oil as well (build up to a tablespoon, start with a teaspoon or less and give a little bit more each day). The best source of coconut oil that seems to help a lot is coconutoilonline.

Also, our dog is super healthy, we feed him when possible a raw food diet, we give him raw egg yolks (not the whites, they can cause problems), raw meat that was frozen 14 days and then thawed- that kills off parasites, raw milk (we drink it too) and raw liver. His teeth are excellent, his coat is shiny and full, and he doesn't have any tartar buildup or any (knock on wood) health problems and he's 8 years old. We sometimes have to give him kibble, but supplementing with raw foods really helps keep him strong. I hope your baby gets over the parasite problem. If that doesn't work, Gardens Alive sells a food supplement that is supposed to help, but I would try the coconut oil and raw food diet first. Good luck! You may also see improvement in any other problems your dog may have.

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