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runningtrailsSeptember 12, 2008

I am keeping my chickens on deep litter but am having trouble finding free woodchips. I read on another site that someone is using shredded copy paper from an office because it is made form wood pulp. Has anyone used this for litter? I have been using it for nesting material and it seems to work well and the chickens like it. I just wonder if it would work with the poop as litter on the floor.

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I don't have chickens yet but have been doing a lot of reading about raising them. I've read that you can use shredded newspaper as litter. The book also said that some of your local farm impliments sell shredded newspaper in bales. If there's a Tractor Supply store around you I'd give them a call just to double check.
I look forward to hearing if anyone else uses shredded newspapers.


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I shred a lot of newspapers. I use it mixed with the shavings and other materials in the bird pens, in the litter trays under the rabbits and add it to the compost. I also shred cardboard. I shred anything I can get my hands on.

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Not sure about the shredded paper but I did read a bedding tip on here that I have used. Dry Leaves! The chickens scratch around in them and it makes good garden compost.

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