Eggs (picture)

sullicorbitt(z5 MA)September 14, 2006

Just wanted to share a shot of some of my eggs, the really dark one is from one of my Black Marans.

I never get tired of looking at them!


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japanesetrees(z6 TN)

These are beautiful! My husband, Mike and I are the same way, just fascinated with the colors. We have 3 Auracanas almost ready to lay and can't wait to see the colors. We have one hen who lays green eggs right now, she's half Ameraucana and half Red Sex Link. She looks like a Red Sex Link but has the sideburns and beard of the Ameraucana! She hatched the night of Katrina, so that's what we named her.


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Hey Sheila! How are you?

Beautiful eggs! I plan to get a couple of Black Marans next year. Do you like the chickens themselves?

How did your art show go?


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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

Hi Sheila... The eggs are gorgeous! And yes, how did the art show go???? (Hi to you too, Suzie)

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

Thanks Japanesetrees, my americaunas are a favorite for those beautiful eggs.

Hey Suzie and Maggie! thanks for asking about my exhibit, it is actually this Saturday so I've been scrambling trying to get everything ready. I'll keep you posted on how I do :)

Suzie, the Marans are a bit snobby if you ask me, they were some of the jailbirds that need to be penned because they keep flying over the 6 ft. fence into the woods and then wouldn't be able to "fly" back! I litterally spent hours chasing them to bring them home. I paid big $ to ship eggs from a breeder and then for my incubators etc. all for three hens. So I'm not about to risk loosing one of them so their in a covered pen+secure coop.

I think their eggs are worth it to me but I'm an egg freak, my dh just laughs at me the way I gawk over the different colors! The Marans are so cool, some are maroon!

The personality thing could also be contributed to the fact that maybe I didn't spend as much time with each individual bird as it was growing up since we had close to 40 chicks hatch. My big girls are much more friendly, they were handled quite a bit as they were growing up.


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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

Wishing you good luck for your art show. I think your paintings are terrific.

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The eggs are beautiful! I am still waiting for my girls to lay, hopefully next month. Have one Araucana so I should know when she begins. She is much smaller than the Buffs. Is that normal?

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Those sure are beautiful eggs!!

What breeds do you have that produce colored eggs? Are they just Americaunas and Black Marans?

I am setting up a coop and fenced area for some chickens, have long wanted Americaunas for their egg color, but have yet to find a local source for them. I do not want to start with a 25 bird order, would rather start off with 6-10 birds.

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marquisella(z4 NY)

Do a google search for "Ameraucana chickens" then click on the Ameraucana Breeders Club site, and there is a breeders list you can access.


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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I have a variety of breeds, I know it's not ideal to mix breeds together but I'm the type that gets bored with all things the same. I like the variety of egg color and lawn ornaments! I currently have the following breeds: Buff Orps, RIR, SLW, Barred Rock, Americaunas, Black/copper/birchen Marans and easter eggers. Oh and a Welsummer Roo.


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Beautiful eggs...isn't Ma Nature just the best?!

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Years ago our son took one of our blue Auracana eggs to show and gave to his teacher. It was around Easter, so thinking it was a dyed Easter egg, she sat down for lunch and began to crack it against the side of her desk to peel and eat it...... yep, she now knows all blue eggs are not DYED!! Being a Catholic grade school and the teacher was a nun .... "nun- the-less" (just had to say it!) they both had a good laugh from it! We had several of these hens but only got blue eggs ... what other colors do some of the hens lay?

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WOW nice. Do you still have the chickens.

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