Geese molting now help

laturcotte1September 21, 2008

I have 2 (1 1/2 yo) female Roman Tufted Geese. One, June, is molting, the other is not. Isn't it to late in the season to be molting.

She seems to have lost more wing feathers this time than any other time. I noticed a lot of feathers around and watched but the only one to lose the feathers is June. Could she be sick, she eats her feed normally, grazes with Betty regularly, bathes normally. Her eyes are bright and clear. Usually they lose weight from sitting on the eggs but this time they really aren't that interested, she seems skinny but they always do when they lose their feathers.

They do everything together, they lay eggs at the same time, since May of last year when I got them they have laid Dec, April, July, and Sept for a grand total of 75. Everytime they molt they do it at the same time, except now.

I call the vet for everything but I would have to transport them and I am not sure how stressful that would be. I have 3 vets but the one for the birds does not make house calls.

Is it to late for them to molt?

Thanks Lee Ann

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Sounds just like a normal molt, they can vary in their times of dropping feathers. I see no reason for alarm.

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