runningtrailsSeptember 27, 2008

I found a large crop of wild mushrooms on the property. They're "shaggy manes" - ink mushrooms. I've read that they're highly prized by foodies, but I don't know any.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for selling them to someone?

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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

You may be able to sell them to a chef (restaurant) locally, if you can deliver them or have them picked up. Shaggy Manes don't really have any marketable value because they cannot be shipped. They are very fragile and turn to goo in short order if they get knocked around.

Try Forbes Wild Foods (in Toronto) even if he doesn't want your shaggy manes, you may have other wild edibles growing on your property that you can sell.

One other thing... If you are going to eat them yourself, NO ALCOHOL. Not everyone has a reaction when they are mixed but the 'gastrointestinal distress' is NOT worth taking the chance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Forbes Wild Foods

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You are right about the life of the shaggy mane. That does make it difficult. I thought I might find a chef nearby that I could deliver to, just prior to cooking. I'll have to visit a few places and find someone for next year's harvest. There are a lot of them!

Alcohol is no problem as I don't drink at all - just too many migraines.

There might be others on the property too. I'm going mushroom hunting after work tomorrow! Maybe, just maybe, I'll find some chanterells of oyster mushrooms. Morels aren't available until spring, or so I've read. I would love to find some of those!

Thanks for the info!

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I see mushrooms from time to time in my pasture(I don't have cows only 2 horses) how can you tell if they are safe to eat?

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Do a LOT of research and be very careful. The mushrooms that I have are singular and can't be conufsed with anything else. Be sure you know what you are picking.

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