22 y/o goose - bleeding internally?

cdclark707September 18, 2011

I heard my 22 y/o male goose make a couple of high-pitched honks this morning, so I went out to look. He was sitting and fairly passive (not usual for him), and while I was petting him, he shook his head and a few drops of watered-down blood came out of the inside of his beak. I tried to open his beak to see what was going on inside his mouth, but his muscles are still too strong.

As I kept petting him, I noticed that the edges of his beak would get water there, like he was over-salivating.

About a month ago, I saw that the top of his beak had "old age" spots on them (for lack of a better phrase).

Otherwise, he seemed fine... hasn't changed a bit in 22 yrs. We should all age so well.

I'm thinking that there's something going on internally. Anyone have a similar experience?



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I had a Peacock do the same, found out he had worms. This is what I use:

Ivermectin 1% Injectible Cattle Wormer
Dosage - 1 cc per quart of water.
Use for 3 days as the only source
of water. Mix fresh daily.
Use the same solution for all ages of:
Peafowl, guineas, turkeys and chickens.

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Thanks so much. Can I get Ivermectin at a feed store (I'm in Placerville) or do I need to go to a vet?

Also, if he doesn't have worms, will Ivermectin be bad for him?

And how did he get worms in the first place? He's not free range and his food is controlled (a mix of whole corn and ground up stuff from the feed store -- I need to find Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenence around here, or have it ordered. I think that's better for him.)

Thanks again... sorry for all the questions! lol


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Yes you can get Ivermec at the feedstore; some may have it in paste form (horse tube) though so call before you go. You can also order it online at Jeffers livestock. You'll need the smallest bottle they have.

Or most goat or sheep owners will have Ivermec 1%, make sure it's the 1% as it also comes in other %ages.

I've no experience using it on geese, just wanted to help you find it.

I'm just guessing here and my thoughts are.....Many types of worms are spread through fecal to oral contact. So if worms were present, and he ingested them & continued the lifecycle, then he would have worms.

Ivermec does not hurt livestock and the doseage has a vary wide safety margin. I imagine it is the same with geese, as SnyCal is using it, plus it's diluted pretty good in the water.

I have no suggestions about your goose. The only other thought I had was perhaps he's having a hard time with the cracked corn due to his age, maybe try a mash & see if that helps.

I hope he gets better for you.


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Thanks, Brendasue. Not sure how he would have gotten the worms since he's by himself in the cage.

I've been keeping a close eye on him since Sunday. He hasn't done the high-pitched noise since then, he doesn't have saliva at the edge of his beak and no blood since then. He's drinking water. Not sure if he's eating. He's back to normal except that he was more passive with me than normal when I was in the cage with him yesterday.

I'm wondering if he could have cut his tongue on a sharp piece of feed? He loves the corn (it's whole, not cracked) and will eat it over anything else I put in there. I need to get him some more Mazuri Waterfowl Maintenance feed since it's a balanced diet.

I'm going to watch him for another day or two before I decide whether to deworm him or not. The only reason I'm hesitating is because he's pretty much back to normal and I'm not sure what deworming would do to his system (since he's never been dewormed in his life).

Thanks again. I appreciate your support.


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I'd call a vet and find one that does bird fecals if you are that concerned on whether to worm or not. It is a very diluted amount and won't hurt him, you may see different colored droppings though and I don't want you getting alarmed at that. So go ahead and get the fecal done. I know how much my birds mean to me and I don't take advice lightly at all.

I'm also assuming you are watching his stools? They are normal, no signs of blood or too much white? Another assumption is that he has enough grit and didn't pick up a wire or something that could have cut him on the inside.

So happy he is back to normal!! Good luck and give him hugs

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Sadly, I had to make the decision to euthanize my Goosey Goose two days ago.

When I saw him that afternoon, he was lying on his stomach with his neck straight out, beak resting on the ground. Never seen him like that. He couldn't stand and he wasn't interested in food, water, or trying to nip me.

The vet said his left air sac was full, his craw was full (so he wasn't digesting food), he'd lost weight and muscle mass, which she said can happen quickly, and his breathing was audible (birds don't make noise when they breathe). When she tried to open his mouth, he fought her -- I've never seen him like that, either -- and ended up puking a little brown liquid, which she said was regurgitated food.

She said that although we might be able to cure the pneumonia that he probably had, that he probably had something more serious underlying that, like a tumor in his digestive tract. As I wrote above, a couple of weeks ago, he showed signs that there might be something wrong, but he rallied after a few days, so I thought he was fine again.

The vet didn't rush me to make a decision and I stayed with him for a long time, petting him and talking with him. Finally, given his age (he would have been 23 on Jan 1) and physical condition, I made the tough decision to let him go.

It was a peaceful euthanasia -- they gave him anesthesia through a mask so he would be asleep when he was injected. I was with him. I took him home and buried him in the back, overlooking the trees. I'm still very sad and weepy, but I know it was the best decision for him... the decision couldn't be based just on me wanting him to still be here.

Of course... I think about the "what ifs" -- what if I'd taken him to the vet a couple of weeks ago? Would he still be alive? I've been told by friends that second guessing myself isn't a good thing, and that probably his underlying condition was severe enough at that point that it would have been difficult and expensive and, most important, stressful for my goose to cure, if it was in fact curable.

I know that all of you who read this understand the bond between us and the animals in our lives... perhaps it's the unconditional love that makes these relationships so special.

I put a link below to a few photos of my guy...


Here is a link that might be useful: Mr Goosey Goose

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If you love something, let it go.....

I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Goosey Goose. The photos and your written words tell me how much you loved him, and what a wonderful life he had.

You made the right decision. Don't second guess it. He is no longer suffering and in a better place.

Again I'm sorry for your loss....We've all been there at one time or another and we do understand.


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Thank you, Brendasue... I appreciate your kind words.


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I am so sorry for your loss and your families too. He had a wonderful momma that looked after him the best way you could. There are always what ifs and should haves

but the underlying best is that you were there, by his side and in complete love, your heart knew what was best and your brain just needs to play catch up.

again it is never easy and he'll always be apart of you

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