First Time Hatcher!

milla251September 13, 2010

I decided to try my luck in incubating duck eggs in a still air incubator. I started with 4 eggs but 3 of them didnt make it along the way. I have one pekin duck egg left and it is now day 29. I candled the egg and can see a lot of movement but it doesnt appear to be pipping yet. I dont see the bill in the air sac.

My temp is at 98.5 and relative humidity at 65%. Why isnt it hatching? Do you think it will hatch?? I have done a lot of research but little is available about late hatchings. Please help!

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Waterfowl eggs take 31 days to hatch. I recentlyhad 4 chicken eggs hatch 5 days later than the rest of the batch and they were ok

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