Electric chicken fence in Winter

nosambosSeptember 14, 2012

My chickens live in a plastic coop at present. I plan to move said coop into a greenhouse for the winter. The greenhouse is a polycarbonate structure. I think a determined predator might chew through a panel to enter. I'm thinking of adding an electric chicken fence. I like the prefab type for the ease of installation. My concern is that the accumulated snow piles will short it out. Alternatively I'm think of adding a standard welded wire fence with a single electric wire at the top or maybe top it with the electric chicken fence. Seems like over thinking it to me. Any suggestions?

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It will short out in the snow. And it's overkill. Spend that money next summer on a good chicken house and run.

Predators won't chew on a plastic panel but they will pry at openings.

The weak spots on the greenhouse are the vents and the doors. Can a predator get access to the vents AND have a solid spot to stand on and work on getting them pried open? Weasels, mink, bobcat? Weasels are especially good at getting in through small openings.

The door or doors - if a "determined predator" can hook strong claws in the crack and pull, it may get them open. How sturdy are they. Lynx or bobcats might.

Bears can just whack the greenhouse open like a pi�ata, but they are usually hibernating in deep winter.

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