need advice on pole barn venting

exmarSeptember 4, 2011

Hi Folks,

I have a 24X48 pole barn, metal sides and roof, on a concrete slab. The issue is primarily heat build up in summer as it's built pretty tight, secondarily, rusting tools. I've noticed there are various vents available including what I'll call the "turbine" or wind powered units. It would seem that the turbine units would want to be mounted horizontally and not flat on the sloping roof. We do have very windy conditions, coupled with rain, so leaking is a concern. I suppose I could buy or fab up something to come out just under the roof peak (front or back) which would allow horizontal mounting. Think of a wood stove pipe going through a wall and then going vertical.

Thoughts or opinions welcome,


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The "whirlybird" type vent has an adjustable pipe so the turning part does sit level, no matter what slope the bottom is mounted on.

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I use a ridge vent. They a rather pricy but can be opened or closed.

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Thanks for the input. Good to know about the adjustable pipe.

I was hoping I could get by without lifting the metal on the roof and putting the vent flashing underneath, but doesn't look like it. OH well, all my simple projects always mushroom anyway.....:-)

Thanks again,


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You could run an a/c duct pipe on the inside of the building. Run it to the top and install an exhaust fan at the bottom. It could even be used with a thermostat. Also WW Granger sells a lot of Dayton brand metal gable vents with lovers.

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