Ducks won't swim in the pond

goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))September 23, 2008

I really wanted swans to float gracefully on my ponds but the price was unreal so I bought some ducklings.I have had them in small amounts of water for short periods to get them use to it and then filled a large rubber garden wagon with water and they love it. Now that they are full grown we are trying to acclimate them to our two ponds connected by a stream. They want nothing to do with it.We put them in they fly or walk on water to get out. It is quite close to there pen and we leave the gates open hoping they will go in by themselves. Anyone else gave chicken ducks?????

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Do you think there are predators around the pond? My birds freak out when there are predators around..and act weird.

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I imagine they will take to water eventually.

Cygnets around here go for around $75, not too bad. You could try some "poor mans swans", aka Chinese geese, derivatives of the swan goose.. they have smaller bodies and longer necks with a good sized knob on the bill base; unlike the Gray Lag derivatives which are a heavier type like the Buff and toulouse.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

My concern with geese is the noise.I am only on two and a half acres with a cranky neighbor in back.Thats a good price for cygnets I got online and they were outrageous!
There are hawks here on occasion I guess they could be aware of them even though I am not.

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We bought our 2 romain tufted geese when they were a few weeks old and they are now 16 months old. The were about 3 months old when we finished building a 7,000 gal pond for them and eventually the 2 turtles we had. The first day we filled it they were 3 months old, I tried to get them in but they didn't want to go so I jumped in and they jumped in. They loved it, dove way down and popped up beside me. The next day they went in when I went in, the third day the pond wasn't so clean so I didn't want to go in but helped them in, they stayed for a short period of time and got out, showing no interest in returning. Later when they were drinking from it I nudged one in and she stayed a little while but never went back. They love their baby pool but they won't even go near the pond. We upgraded their baby pool when they got older and bigger and they had the hardest time picking their feet up when they got in, as if they would sink or something. We would like to upgrade that pool but afraid to waste the money they seem to be afraid of the depth of the water. I guess like kids they are not all the same. Who would have guessed!!!

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I tried getting in the pond my pond has a bird walkout so it is shallow on the edges.We often have Herons and egrets who wade and fish here My hubby wanted to quit watering them thinking they'd meander down to the edge but I can't do that.They like the confines of their coop and yard(complete with picket) They wander out but stay very close to the pickets.I guess it is a security issue.

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I have 2 Mallards and 4 Indian Runner ducks. I also have chickens. We have a good sized baby pool for the ducks that they used to swim in. One of our chickens unfortunately drowned in the pool. Now the ducks won't go in it at all! We've tried everything from cleaning out the pool to putting they're favorite cut-up spinach in it. How can I get the ducks back in the pool?! They loved it before!

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I raised swans for years.anyway maybe you have a snapper in ther,go sit be quiet watch they come up for air.

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