Looking for inspring stories- how did you get your farm?

heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)September 25, 2013

Just looking to hear some stories about how some of you got the farm you wanted and the steps you took to get there! I know alot of people inherit farms and unfortunately our familys farm was sold when I was 5 days old. Lol I guess they couldnt tell I'd be interested in it at that age so now I'm just trying my hardest to make things work and eventually get to the point where I can look at farms to buy. Until then, its selling seeds, plants at fleamarkets/ebay/my website and trying to save money and work hard! anyways I wanna hear your story :)

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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

We're one of the ones that inherited the family farm I grew up on. I remember being a 'tom boy' as a kid; had two brothers to play with and preferred being outside. Dh was a city boy and is enjoying this life. Hope you find a farm soon.

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Hey, I know only one person responded but do yous mind if I add your stories to my website as like a sort of "how it started/inspiring stories" page? Just thought of it last night as I was suppose to be sleeping lol :) it would just be a neat little section on the site I think and I like reading stories myself lol

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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

where's your website?

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

It's honestly kind of a work in progress...has some information on butterflies and such and my farm dream. Also including some gardening tips and trying to sell seeds from my seed collecting hobby. I wanna take it in a good direction tho with farming and gardening. might make a blog on it too! I keep a gardening journal on paper but it'd be nice to share it!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Website

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Not any response. Its a pity, i was hoping for some inspiring stories myself. You see, ive dreamt of living and owning a farm someday since i was a kid. Being a Girl and living in India, ofcoz nobody bothered or took interest in what my dreams are or what i want. Fate had it differently, now im settled in UAE, work in Dubai, in an office ofcoz, but my dream is still intact. Unfortunately it still is a dream, i have no idea if it ever will come true. Dont have no money (savings) and ofcoz, with the inflation and all no way can i buy a place to live forget owning a farm :(. But, i know, if not today, tomorrow it will happen. :) Just dont know yet, where and when

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I found mine right before I was leaving on my honeymoon. We negotiated with the sellers while we were on our honeymoon. We had looked for years and happened to find this place. I had to take a loan on my 401k for the down payment and borrowed the rest. I still have to work in the city and will move to the farm when I retire. I visit it each weekend and I am slowly remodeling the old farm house on the property. Right now I lease it out to a neighbor who runs cattle and horses on the property.

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we kinda fell nto it.
Hubby is a builder,a realter took him to see sme lots.He was telling hubby about this farm with land a precivil war era home .A col.george Himes in the battle of Gettysburg owned it in 1800 I have a lot of deeds and land drawings that go to the farm,He signed his deed I framed it. we were living next to a neighbor everyones nightmare comes out 3 am to burn his garbage.I awoke a many a time thinking our home was on fire,he was a thief,miserable people we would get company and they would burn their garbage because it blew right over our back yard,We went to see it ,it waseverythingimagined.Pond,stream,woods,feilds,fruit trees.so we restored it,cleared the fields,planted,we now raise texas longhorns,tennessee walker horses,donkeys,chickens,hubby built some nice buildings.I did build a home in 70s but I do like old.Our house sits in middle 40 acres..love it

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I don't know that our story is very inspiring, but here it is. We were living in suburbia and ran out of projects around the house. We wanted more space to play with. We looked for about two years (I was a real estate broker at the time). We wanted something close in, but out in the country. Nothing too old, but not a brand new McMansion either. We eventually found our home and moved in with our two young boys. It was just a house on 5 acres when we moved in. We have slowly transformed it into a hobby farm. We rebuilt the barn. Added a flock of 10 chickens, a herd of 8 goats and a dog and a cat. We have planted lots of fruit trees and added a large berry patch with blueberries and raspberries. And we have a big garden with a greenhouse now. We've also got sports space (sand volleyball was here when we bought it, we've added basketball court and a soccer field). The projects are never ending--we do everything ourselves, but we enjoy it. We all love it out here and are so happy that we took the time to find exactly what we wanted. Good luck in your search!

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