Quail: Average weight vs. average chicken?

iowariver(4b)September 12, 2013

Could anyone tell me the difference between an average quail's weight and that compared to an average chicken? Need this for raising a very small number and the questions
of City Council. Thanks

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Quail average weight: 6 oz

Average chicken weight: None

Finding out the average weight of chickens is impossible due to the hundreds of breeds out there. But I'll give you the weights of some common utility breeds.

Silkie Bantams: 34 oz
Rhode Island Reds: 7.5 lbs
Buff Orpingtons: 9 lbs
Jersey Giants: 12 lbs
Easter Eggers: 4.5 lbs
Red And Black Stars: 7 lbs
White Leghorns: 5 lbs
Jumbo Cornish for frying: 3.5 lbs
Jumbo Cornish for roasting: 8.5lbs

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