fattening my roosters

trisha_51(5 Nebraska)September 5, 2013

We have Rhode Island Reds that are 22 weeks old. I've butchered a couple of the roosters but they seem scrawny. How do you all fatten yours for butchering? Thanks

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I just finish mine of with fermented feed. It's a combination of pellets, scratch, a bit of yeast, and a little unpasteurized apple cider vinegar which is then covered 2-3 inches over the top with water and stirred every few days in an uncovered container. I stir in some new feed and water every few days to keep things from going low. The roosters do very well on it. And don't worry about the proportions because as long as you keep it exposed to fresh air, the wild bacteria will keep things in balance.

BTW, it's fermented, so do not worry about the smell. It won't go 'bad' unless left to dry.

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