duck question!!

beeliz(2)September 17, 2008

Hi...I have 2 ducks,,as pets..which I used to have in the same area with my hens and 2 mini goats. However,the hens have completely attacked and continue to bully the ducks. one of them is a little smaller so I was worried they would get a serious injury so I separated them. The question is..will they be safe living in my fenced yard free range? They've been like that for 2 weeks now,they have their own pool and a dog house which I lock them up in every night for safety.but will they be ok if they stay in this set up,,or should I introduce them back into the hens area in a couple weeks? I love them,and they do seem really content roaming my yard and eating bugs ect!! they're so cute to have it safe? Does anyone else let their ducks free range on the yard?? thanks...

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I let mine free range during the day. At night they go into a coop. Does the dog house have a solid floor, if not it will be quite easy for predators to dig in.

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yup...the house is completely closed in..actually it's a dog crate made of heavy duty plastic with a steel door that locks. I have a wood slanted roof over it and it's sheltered from wind and rain. so it's a good solid safe house for nights.I also built an outdoor shelter right beside it where I put the food for them so it stays dry in case of long as they stay safe.

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