Propane turkey fryer for poultry scalder???

blueberrier1September 19, 2008

Has anyone used a propane turkey fryer for heating the water to scald poultry?

If so, what brands/models/suggestions? Would like one with a thermostat if possible. I usually scald and pluck 4-6 birds at a time and usually am a solo worker. Current birds are cornish cross -and later will be Delaware and Barred Rocks.

Have heard of folks using these as canners as well.

Read that the specs were altered mid 2007 for safety: now an auto shut-off.

OR, would you just buy a large outdoor propane burner and select a large cooking pot?


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mxbarbie(pnw BC 5)

The lady that butchered my last batch of chickens uses one, She has a thermometer with a wire in the water to moniter temperature, if it gets too hot she adds cold water from the hose (kept handy) to cool it down. seems to work well. I don't know what brand it is just looks like a run of the mill outdoor burner with a large stock pot.

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When we raised meat birds we used the propane turkey thing for shrink-wrapping the cleaned birds. It was just great.

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Plan to look for the separate burner and giant pot.

Carmen, mind sharing your shrink wrap technique? What was your source for large bags? web or local? Do not have a vacuum 'foodsaver(?)' system. Suggestions?

Would like to process some of these birds to roaster size-so they would be frozen whole.

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