Giant Skyscraper Sweet Corn

bigcornJune 19, 2008

Anybody have or raise any of this corn? Gardener's choice online is the only place I have seen this corn avertised and I am curious to see If anybody might have heard/raised this type of corn, If by chance somebody does have any of this I would like to buy some The company is finished sending for the year, and they got a TON of negative reviews sooo I guess dealing with them is not a good idea, but anyways I seen It on there website and was just curios.

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jimster(z7a MA)

There are several varieties of corn that grow to 10 feet or more. These are usually dent corn, not sweet corn. The so-called Giant Skyscraper Corn is likely one of these and is being sold as a novelty. Why am I suspicious that Gardener's Choice may be doing such a thing? Just because "they got a TON of negative reviews"? Yep.

Also, I'm suspicious because it reminds me of the offers of "tree tomatoes" for which colorful ads pop up regularly. The plant is a relative of tomato, but is not a tomato.


Here is a link that might be useful: Dent Corn

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Some of the giant corns are editable in early stages of growth. They are not very sweet. Advertising 2 ft ears and very tall. It is used primarially for silage cutting for livestock.

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I am growing Jala Giant corn this year. It is one of the very few varieties that produces 25 ft tall stalks. I don't have any that tall yet, but mine are now about 10 ft tall and still growing. I would be happy if it just gets to 15 feet.

I am also growing Inca Giant corn this year. This corn is not so tall, but the individual kernels are as large as a nickel.

Both of these corns are tropical adapted which means they may not produce at all here in my zone 7 garden. I'm growing them just on the possibility they will mature. I also will try crossing them with a highly adapted white corn I have maintained for the last 20 years.


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imp_(7b, n. Tx)

Jala corn gets 25 feet tall? How would you harvest it ( how would you know it was ready to harvest???)???

Wait, that may well be the corn for that red noodle bean to be able to climb up on!

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jimster(z7a MA)

I trust what Darrel Jones says and I learned something today. Ten feet and possibly fifteen more to go!!!! Wow!!!! That would be amazing.


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Hi All,

I ordered and grew "Skyscraper White Sweet Corn" from Gardeners Choice, I believe. Gardeners' Choice filled the order but was not responsive otherwise.

My corn grew to 14 feet and provided large ears of ghostly white sweet corn, very tender. I've always wanted to try it again. It was definitely not feed corn; and all my neighbours were amazed. One expert said I wouldn't get any ears off it because it had grown too tall.
I got 18 ears off 7 plants.

Perhaps GC isn't careful, but they weren't lying for me.


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