New barn floor

pamghatten(wny5)September 7, 2008

Hi All,

I posted a year or so ago asking for advice on re-doing my barn floor. The floor was rotting wood over mud. It had gotten pretty disgusting. So this year I finally re-did it.

I took the suggestions I got here and had the floor dug out and replaced the mud with limestone, and then put stall mats down in the areas the donkeys use. The inner hallway and their stalls.

What a difference! The guy that did the work for me said it was the most disgusting job he's ever done. There were 4 layers of pee soaked wood in each stall. Obviously, over the years, formers owners just put down new wood when there was a prblem, instead of tearing anything up.

It was really funny to watch the donkeys when they were able to walk on the stall mats ... they were such scary things! I thing the rubber smell really threw them off. It took hours for the 3 of them to finally decide it was OK to come in the barn and walk on this new scary stuff.

It was funny to watch.

Here are some before pictures:

I took down the stall you see when you walk into the barn, and a little "Tack" area that was near the water faucet.

Here is what it looks like now:

And I came home one day just in time to see this Hot Air Balloon land in the cow pasture next door.

And yes, the donkeys ALWAYS have to be in the pictures! LOL!

Thanks everyone for your great advise!


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goodhors(z5 MI)

Congratulations on the completion of your project! I am glad you could find someone to do the hard parts, now you can enjoy the results for a long time to come.

4 layers of wood is a huge amount. I think the most I ever heard of was two. And the smell of old peed on dirt must have been pretty rank. Did you give him a bonus?

You must be very glad you did all that, looks much nicer with the stall removed, easier to work in. Accessible storage areas. Donkeys will LOVE having dry beds to lay down on in winter. No holes to make them stand crooked either. Rubber mats are much warmer, easier to clean than old wood or dirt. Healthier for hooves, being able to dry out overnight out of the weather too.

If you have any money left, you might pick up a couple more mats, put them in the doorway where donkeys enter barn. Mat will keep their little hooves from making it such a mud pit with constant use. I have mats outside my barn door and find them very helpful, not slippery under my feet or hooves of the animals. I used to get puddles or holes with equines tracking in the dirt, not any more. I also put some old mats under the gates I use most, where the horses stand and work dirt into mud. Now I don't sink in and get my boots pulled off!! I buy another mat when I get the money ahead, put it under the gate to make a bigger standing area. Really makes it nice to stand on and halter up to bring in the horses during the wet times.

I am real happy for you. I sure love my rubber matted stalls.

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Hi goodhors.

Glad someone commented. I'm VERY happy this is done. Am having a workbench built to replace the rotted cupboard we took out.

I didn't give the guys a bonus, but I give him lots of business. And will continue giving him a lot of business!

I do have a mat outside the door to the pasture, one of the few things that was already here that was actually useable.

And the mats are great. Easy to clean .. I never thought about the fact that they will be warmer. That's a good thing in our northern climate.

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Now we are all suffering from "barn envy!" It looks great, and for sure you and the donkeys will have a more comfortable area to live/work in. Kudos to you for going ahead with the project and not letting it become a "round-to-it" as so many of us would. Please send the guys that took up the old flooring a BIG Christmas card, and maybe some cookies.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

It looks good, and I am sure you - AND the donkeys - are very happy with it! Congratulations on getting it done!!

I meant to comment sooner, but am on dial-up, and couldn't get the photos to load for a while - too long to wait for!

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marlingardener ... thanks for reminding me. I really do need to do something extra for them for Xmas. Homemade cookies it is!

Sorry dibbit, I included too many pictures.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

No, not too many, just a VERY slow computer connection!!! It's not just your photos, it's other things as well - whether it's my computer that has a problem, or it's GW, I don't know.....

Cookies for the construction crew sounds like a good idea!

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