Leaning tower of Collard Tree

sdmarkusJune 23, 2013

I've been a bad collard dad. My collard tree was not given enough structure in it's youth and is now grown astray.

I really like this plant and would like to help it reach it's true potential. Any way to upright this bad boy? There is new growth at the base, should I prune some of the older?

Many thanks,


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I'd say prune some of the old growth.

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LOL... yes! Try eating some! From the bottom up. Stick a stake or piece of rebar in the ground and tie off to straighten it out some.

It's true potential is to harvest as it grows.


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Are you trying to let it go to seed? I would harvest some of them lower leaves and eat them. I let my vates go to seed and just harvested the pods.

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Thanks folks...not trying to let it go to seed, just need to be better about harvesting the leaves. We'll see if we can get this plant back on track!:)

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