Leasing Farming/Livestock Raising Land Lots

scarletdaisies(6)September 13, 2009

I got some cool ebooks on gardening and livestock raising. I have a backyard to plant in, but in the city limits of this country small town, no chickens or animals are allowed to be kept.

I want to lease a small lot of whatever size needed to either make a little money and/or give meat produce. Any ideas on how much to lease?

Maybe small animals like chickens, pigs, sheep,turkeys, but I don't think a cow. I live near lots of farm territory. Does anyone know of prices of leased property and the rules that go with it?

I am very interested in small farming for myself, profit, and for experience in raising and processing meat. I would have liked to take up hunting, but I see it is very expensive unless you own land.

I think it's disappointing of all the hunting fees and regulations. They are going to cause lime disease by over population because no one will hunt due to licenses, fees,permits, and just annoyances created by bureaucrats.

If anyone has heard of leasing land instead of buying, please let me know. Thank you.

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I think the security of your animals will be a big problem if you lease land. Not being there 24 hrs a day will tempt thieves. Leasing land to hunt on might be another way to have meat. Regardless of license fees etc, In my state (TN)hunted meat is still cheaper than raised meat, unless of course you stink at hunting :)

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I guess that would work. I'll look into it and yes there would be thieves. You can count them in on any endeavor. No police to call, but hunting motion sensor cameras can be of some assistance. Of no assistance for a pack of wolves or coyotes.

Thanks for the reply. I'll check into it locally and see if there is any success on raising stock without being there 24 hours.

It's cattle country here and they are allowed to roam in fences with hundreds and hundreds of acres. It would be just as easy to thieve from your backyard and miss being able to protect your animals in most of those situations.

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It's harder to rustle if the cows are roaming "hundreds" of acres. If they (or any other animals) are kept in smaller lots or pastures, at least have several locked gates, don't make it easy for the thieves. Make sure they can't get close with a vehicle.

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