my roosters are scik

Zubair735September 14, 2012


>i live in flat, there is no garden and sand. i open my rosters 3 time in a day for 3 hours daily .at that time big place available for them.

>i have two white farm roosters (not have any hen) 1 rooster is fine and he start crowing since 5 days.

>the other 1 is so weak his comb is falling toward 1 side and also going little bit blackish.

>he also eat very few and he can't jump above.there is no power in his bite.

>pl. help me out i am very anxious


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If you can't take your rooster to a vet, you should try to give him some cod liver oil (capsules would be easier to administer) and see if that perks him up, but if he's a pet you should take him to a vet. When birds start acting sick it doesn't take long till they are dead.

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