Bell Pepper Plant Severe Wilting

RyanC95(7B)June 20, 2014

I planted my bell peppers with my other pepper plants such as jalapenos, ghost peppers, banana peppers, I also planted them near my tomato plants. In my pepper and tomato bed I mulched the bed with grass clippings that I've been drying for 2 weeks recently. Right after mulching one of my bell pepper plant appears to just be wilting real bad, even though I water them regularly and we've just had almost a week of on and off rain. The plant looks as if I haven't watered it in a month and the leaves are wilting but they still are green. This one pepper plant seems like the only plant in the entire bed that seems to have been affected by my mulching, could it be a disease that I should worry about?

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Are they wilting only on sunny days? If so, and they don't wilt on cloudy days, I would strongly suspect their roots are being attacked by some soil-dwelling creatures. My cauliflowers did this due to root maggots. I'm now having that same issue with zucchinis and I suspect Symphylans. If I reach down and grasp the base of the plant and pull on it, I can tell that it would come out of the ground without too much effort. Meaning the roots are very compromised. With my cauliflower plants, I could just lift them right out of the ground and examine the brown, knarly root remains. I don't know what would attack bell peppers in your neck of the woods. I would try tugging on the base of the stem to see how firmly anchored they are in the soil. If you can spare one plant you might dig out the whole rootball and examine it thoroughly. You lose a plant but you may gain some knowledge.

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