chickens dying, help

chick_mom(south middle TX)September 27, 2005

I have lost two of my black star hens this week. They are just coming out of their molt. The weather here has been around a 100 degrees all week. They are 15 months old and looked healthy until I found them dead. I just picked up some electrolytes to add to the water which the package says it is for stress. The hen that died today had yolk around its vent. Could it be the heat or might they have gotten egg bound due to stress from the weather?? They have fresh water everyday in three waterers. This is a small flock now just nine chickens and two guineas. Losing even one is really tearing me up. They are such pets.

Any help would be apreciated... Thanks, Kit

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judyag_44(SW FL)

I lost some of my young chickens when the weather here went up to 100 for four days and then 102 on the fifth day.....they had been healthy. I noticed though that their faces and combs were quite pale. Went to the web and looked at chicken diseases and diagnosed coccidiosis. This is a protozoal disease that surfaces (numbers "bloom")when chickens are stressed. The treatment that I used was sulfa put into their water for three days, left off for three days and then put in (at half strength) for two more. No more deaths.

Good luck with your babies. It just crushes me to lose them...ANY of them.


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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Chickens can be very sensitive to heat, during weather that hot I got out several times a day and hose them off. They don't really appreciate it, but they live. Hose off the birds, the bushes, everything. On really hot days I bring them inside to relax in the A/C during the hottest part of the day. Sorry you lost some birds, I know how distressing it is.

Velvet ~:>

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ceresone(missouri ozarks)

I, personally, think the best thing they've done is getting a vaccine for coccodiosis, my baby chicks were vaccinated before i got them.really cuts losses due to this, and its quite common in some areas. sorry for your loss, just thought you might want to know about the vaccine, altho, coccodia usually hits young chicks worse.

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chick_mom(south middle TX)

These both had pale combs and wattles.. I will run to the ag store asap and get them all on meds.. I also noticed that the Ameraucanas and Buffs handle the heat alot better than my other two breeds. I will also mist them down with the hose as well.. Great help, thank you... When you have a small flock you really get to know them and each one is really such a pet. I just hope I can prevent anymore deaths.. Thanks, it is reassuring to have such good info from you all. Love this site!

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Kit, I'm in Austin and I have all fluffy breeds (Australorps, Orps and Brahmas). Like Velvet suggests, my girls get a shower every day while its so hot. I also soak their run and give them fresh cold water several times a day. If you can't do that, add ice cubes to their water in the morning. Make sure they have shade also.
Thank goodness the 100+ degree heat will be headed out tonight!
I hope your girls aren't suffering from anything other than heat related illness/death. I have a small flock too, all pets with names.

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I lost a white leghorn during a 106' day. They have had a sprinkler on them most days since. They had plenty of water, but these scorcher days-it is not enough. They first run from the sprinkler, but after that they all run to it and play in it. makes the hot ground easier to walk on. I was very upset about the loss too. Of course the leghorns are my constant layers too.

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chick_mom(south middle TX)

Update... I took a dropping specimen to my vet and he checked for coccidi and worms. results were negative except for one coccidi cell. He gave me meds for a three day course of treatment and the chickens are doing fine. I have been giving them fresh water everyday at 10 am and 3:00 pm. I followed your advice on misting them and their coop. Boy, talk about madder than a wet hen that first day. Now they seem to really enjoy it. No more losses.
My son-in-law showed up last Friday with 4 Ameraucana chicks as a surprise replacement for me, sweet! They seem to handle the heat better here. Thanks for all the help!

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