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DesertchickSeptember 4, 2013

I have a hen who has been wanting to become a momma for some time now. She is sitting on her second set of eggs (first set didn't make it) and one of her eggs that was due to hatch today I believe has pipped as I have read on the forums here. This was this morning, however I do not hear it peeping and there has not been anymore progress? I have no clue on what to do? Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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Just leave the hen to do her thing. Hatching takes a while. The only reason you would have to bother a broody hen alone is if she's laying too many eggs and can't cover them all, or the eggs are infertile, which is obviously not the case since they're pipping.

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Thank you for your reply Sumatra. Unfortunately the baby chick did not fair so well. I did check on it later that day and there was no more progress and a very bad stinch coming from the egg. Left it until the next morning. I do check on the eggs daily just to take out any new eggs that are not marked. I suppose I will let mother nature take it's course. This chicken just wants to be a momma so bad it's hard for me to watch when the baby chick does not make it. Two eggs and two dead? Hopefully the four left will thrive once they come to their 21 days~

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