mold or magets in grain 4 cows

countrygrl82October 8, 2008

i was given abou 400lbs of grain(oats&barley) that was left over from a brue (making beer).the grain is wet and hot.i tryed spredding it out on the ground to let it dry for a few days,but even after sitting out for two days it is still wet and now i have found a few fly larva in it.does any body know if this is safe to fee to my 800lb cow that we are planing on mold yet,but sitting in barrles it might mold/what are the risks/if any??

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By the time one cow eats 400 lb, it could get pretty ripe. Drying it will probably be more trouble than it's worth. If you store it in a barrel, pack it good and do your best to cover the top. It shouldn't be much different than silage if it hasn't already started rotting.
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