goats and poison ivy

iammarcus(6)October 6, 2011

Will goats eat poison ivy? One friend says no, another says they love it and they suffer no ill effects from it. He says that drinking milk from one that is eating poison ivy will clear up any allergic reaction you may have from your own contact with the plant.


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Yes goats will eat poison ivy. Many love it, sometimes they don't or need to acquire a taste for it. Foraging goats learn what to and not to eat from the herd queen when they are kids. If they weren't exposed to foraging/poison ivy it may take a while for them to try it. It really depends on their prior experience.

There are a lot of fallacies about goats. No one will not develop a tolerance for poison ivy if they drink milk from a goat that has eaten it. You can, however, get poison Ivy from touching a goat that rubbed against it. It's not like bees & pollen. Poison ivy is processed through the animal therefore the "poison" oils are digested like most things. Yes some things can come through the digestive process (think strong flavors, highly toxic poisons) but poison ivy isn't one of them.

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