The Great Egg Debacle

gardengalrn(5KS)October 15, 2009

I have some elderly neighbors who thus far have been friends, if somewhat eccentric. The woman calls about every day for this or that, usually to buy eggs. She then peddles the eggs out to her friends. She either gives them out or charges them what I charged her so it isn't a scam, LOL! Anyway, I was sleeping one early afternoon so my son took her call. He took out some eggs when her hubby pulled up because he is very lame and has trouble getting in/out of the vehicle. All is well, right? WRONG. What my poor son didn't realize is that he grabbed both a dozen of my banty eggs plus a dozen eggs that I just save for us, some are white and some were kinda soiled due to it raining for days around here. When he gave me the money, I said: "Oh, my. We didn't have any extra eggs to sell today." So, I call and leave a message that obviously they were given the wrong eggs. When she called me back, she was MAD. She denies that she was but she WAS. Very short and terse and said something to the effect of "Oh, great. I gave those to so-and-so, what will they think?" A little later her husband called back (because she was so upset she couldn't) to say they had talked to the people and those people were very understanding and thought maybe they were banty eggs. I told him that perhaps a few dozen eggs at $1 each is nothing to be THAT upset about. After all, those eggs were still good, fresh eggs and what I feed my family! My husband and oldest son are both soldiers and DH is in Iraq so I have bigger things to fret over than a couple dozen eggs! She called today to apologize but I just don't want to be all that involved with them anymore. I'm not sure I have a choice since to distance myself would cause certain friction. I don't need someone to peddle my eggs, I can usually take them to my workplace and get rid of them anyway. I don't know, I probably sound like a trifling person but I'm kinda tired of dealing with constant phone calls that won't give up until you answer, etc. I know they get lonely (they don't have children) so I've tried to be nice. This is just a little rant, I guess. What do y'all sell your eggs for, anyway? I'm not looking to make a profit, I just charge $1. Around here they are usually $2-3 a dozen for fresh eggs. Lori

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Tell the elderly neighbors that your co-workers are taking all the extra eggs you have, and that you will no longer be "selling" from your home. Also tell them that you have been receiving "questionable" phone calls, so you aren't picking up calls, but you will call them once or twice a week just to catch up, then do it.
You aren't a "trifling person" at all, you want and need your privacy. The fact that they have no friends is not your fault.
I charge $4 a dozen for my organic, free-range eggs, but only to strangers! Our neighbors get them for free--small enough payback for all the nice things they do for us!

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I bet your just mad. I have a old woman acrossed the road from me that I sell eggs to. I know she just buys them to talk to me becouse I know the person she gives them to. I found out via. others in town she can't even eat eggs but yet tells me there the best eggs she has ever had every time I talk to her.

We can't forget, one day when we are old and alone we to will want some one to buy eggs from.

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

I'd give the folks a little forgiveness. After all, there was a slip up, and in the end she did apologize.
Also, if your hens are getting a good varied diet and health, not like factory chickens, I'd sell for 20% to 30% more that store bought of the same size. They are better eggs and worth it.

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What you do for least of us, you do for HIM!

Ask yourself if it will matter in a 100 years and if the answer is no, then forgive and forget.

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You guys are right, even Chad who said I was mad. We are way past that now, having had a very nice, long conversation on the phone last night. I don't sell my eggs at a profit, I have chickens because I like them and for our own eggs. The extras are just something I usually sell at work or give away. It kinda put pressure on me, the way she was peddling the eggs, and I should have just said so and been up front with that. Anyway, thanks for listening and I do appreciate the input. Lori

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