lily51(OH 5)October 14, 2010

AFter living on a farm for a few decades, one thing that builds up over the years are animal stories. At the time, they're probably aggrevating, but later they often are great for humor. If you have one, share it with us.

Here's one of mine.

Trigger the pony was around when our children were young until they had long outgrown him. Trigger did something every year, tho, that made us consider finding him a new home.

One day, we went to the barn to feed him, no Trigger. Looked upstairs in the barn, no Trigger. Rode the 4-wheeler around the barn, down the lane,no hoof prints in the mud.

Looked in the barn again near his stall... there he was laying under the hay baler, with an empty bag of seed corn nearby. He had eaten the whole thing.

We got him back in his stall (barely) and he laid (fell) right down again. Kids were crying, couldn't get hold of the vet, tried to eat supper, kids were crying. you can picture the scene. Then the phone rang.

Our neighbor wanted to know if we had a pony, because there was one running full speed down the middle of the road headed south ! It was Trigger, he was recovered, fully healthy and ready to go. Guess ehtanol has more power than we give it credit for!

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Yeah, pony stories.

I had to keep the back door locked because Beau Jest would open the back door, come into the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and help himself to whatever was in the crisper.

He never gave up hope. Several times every day, he would rattle the door knob, hoping I'd forgotten to lock the door.

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I got one its been 2 years I still cry over it.
We had this SPECIAL dog we had many dogs THIS one was SPECIAL,she all but talked.WE called her Mickey She was a 4 yearold jack russell.She had a spot on her back perfect mouse head ears,long snoot with a little nose on the end,so we called her Mickey,My daughter and I would come home shed fuss us.It was funny,Well it was Nov 2, about 2 years ago hubby went out to his office.He took both jack russells .Mickey was short hair long legs the other patches was a puddin,short legged long hair total opposites,.They loved to go to the office.I watched them follow him,I went to get ready I was going away.I went to go my hubby said the dogs are gone.He came out they were both gone.I got home about 3 the puddin was at the office,no Mickey.Mickey was a hunter we dug her out of a many a ground hog hole,she killed ground hogs bigger than her.We could smell a little skunk on patches nose.We think what happened she chased a skunk in a hole,a tight one,she got sprayed under ground.The breeder said thats probably what happened,she died quick,we yelled in ever hole we could find .We never found out sweet Mickey.Just the thought of her under ground waiting for us kills me.
My hubby was on a walk in woods with her once she ran ahead till he got to her she was sprayed by a skunk ,she came out of the hole he said she was throwing up already,its lethal underground.
We have 40 acres it was somewhere here.We never found her,

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lily51(OH 5)

I'm so sorry for your loss of Mickey. She sounds like she was a wonderful friend. Animals can get into the biggest messes, kind of like people.
By coincidence, my first dog I had as a child was named Mickey. She was a black cocker spaniel dad got from a farm. She was a real character, and now my granddaughters love to hear "Mickey" stories.

Do you still have just one dog? Patches probably misses Mickey, too,if they were pals.

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No we got another JR to keep her company,I go for dialysis 3xs a week,I need a kidney.She was home allday alone,THIS ONE SURE DOES KEEP HER COMPANY.Shes addicted to patch.
Anyway shes cute shes tiny,when we brought her home she was so small she'd crawl in your pockets.So we call her "Joey" shes so little.A JR when born is about the size of a mouse.

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