What insects do guinea fowl eat?

docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)October 24, 2005

I'm considering getting guineas, but my husband is resistant. I want to know how well they would help with insect control. We have a problem with ladybugs, stink bugs and wasps around the house in the fall. Would they eat these? Thank-you for any info.


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chick_mom(south middle TX)

I don't know about those bugs but mine eat everything from spiders to beetles. They will kill and eat just about anything that crawls including lizards, small snakes and the occasional small toad. I just wish they would eat Love Bugs, but nope.. We have hordes of them.. On the down side they can be noisy but do make good guard dogs letting you know if any thing strange is around.. There are some great sites on the internet. Just type in the search word Guineas and take your pick.

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sweetgreen(z5 MI)

Yes, they do eat tons of bugs. I got mine for control of the ticks, japanese beetles and grasshoppers. Unfortunately, mine have not even tried to eat the lady bugs. I think someone told me once that no bird eats those nasty asian lady bugs, another reason they proliferate so well. They certainly will eat wasps - the problem is getting to them. I've never seen a guinea fly up to eat a bug, they do most of their hunting on the ground. I have heard stories of guineas parking in front of bee hives though, and catching them as they came out. I can't offer anything on the stink bugs, I guess I'm not familiar with that bug, so I don't know if mine have eaten them or not. My guineas also love it when I'm stacking wood, they come for all the carpenter ants that I shake out.

Here is a link that might be useful: here's one of the guinea sites with a great message board

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