dog flea control on pygmy goats??

beeliz(2)October 10, 2007

Can I use dog flea control on my pygmy goats? I use the drops you put between the shoulder blades. Anyone done this before?

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I would advice against it, there are products for goats. Goats don't get fleas and using something that was not tested on that animal very often will make it sick.

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Sorry, new here- but.....
no, no, no, no, no.

I have raised goats for 5 years and have NEVER seen a flea on a goat. Something isn't right with that. AND I live in a sandy area and the fleas are terrible on my dogs. If you want goat help I would be happy to help- but do not ever put anything on a goat not tested on goats.

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ok...thanks guys! I used something I got at the co-op anyways yesturday..dri-kill for lice.Just cause I had a breakout of mites with my chickens and everyone had to be treated...including the goats. So they gave me that for them...U dusted it on their backs and under them,then their bedding. hope it works. any other advice would be greatly appreciated!! thanks again...

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we use cydectin for lice. we never had any fleas on the goats, but we put in the middle of thier backs...
1 cc for kids, and 4 cc for adults. has been working for us for years now.

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I disagree I have baby goats & they have fleas. I gave them a flea bath but going to follow up with something else. I think any animal is able to get fleas

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This is an old thread.

We've never had fleas either but they get lice every February-ish.

Folks, VERY few medications are labeled for use on goats, most are used off label, simply because the $$ has not been put into the research for what most feel is an indispensible animal. It doesn't mean it's not safe, it just means it hasn't been tested so they cannot list it. I would not hesitate to use a product with an active ingredient I know is safely used on other species.

My only reservation is, this rule does not apply to exotics, siamese cats come to mind, they have skin/metablosm that is different than your average everyday cat.

We use Permethrin for lice poured down the spine. Ivermectin orally for worms, injected for lice.

Look at the active ingredients, that is your clue.

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