Fruit Flies on my tomato plants,

somedudeinthegardenJune 2, 2009

Hi All,

I have what seems to be tiny fruit flies all over some of my tomato plants. There is no damage done to the plant or the leafs. It is like they are just chilling there. Is this normal? Are they waiting for the tomatoes to come? Or do they pose a threat that I am just not seeing?

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There are several small flies that could be visiting your garden and looking for a place to lay eggs--usually at the base of plants. The eggs hatch and become maggots or grubs and that is when you would see damage. Adult leafminers are black flies about 1/10 inch long. Other culprits include: carrot rust fly, cherry fruit fly, and humpback-like house fly types bring onion maggots and cabbage maggots. You get the picture. You can exclude flies with horticultural fleece over the crops or discourage their egg laying with wood ashes or diatomaceous earth on the soil around the plants.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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