Can you Apsilutly Not Put Chickens & Turkeys Together???

bulldinkie(pa)October 3, 2010

I got a visitor on my farm,A turkey, Dont know much about them but I think he was someones pet,Hes friendly,I was told you cant put them together.I dont have a rooster.Its getting to be hunting season here wanted to save the turkey.

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Cant spell this morning I see.Not the heading was long couldnt see it till it showed up on screen I meant absolutly.Sorry

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The only problem I could see is histoplasmosis. Chickens are more resistant to morbidity from this organism than turkeys, who are quite susceptible. If there is any histo in your chicken flock (and subacute levels could be present where the chickens are asymptomatic) then it puts your turkey at risk.

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Naomi Miller

As calliope said , there are diseases that are specific to both but not necessarily affecting the carrier....with that said, I DO have turkeys free range with my chickens and my oldest Narrangansette Tom decided early in life that his purpose was to live with the chickens in their coop where he forbids rooster fights and protects all females as any gentleman should do.....he is very verbal and as lovable as a puppy.... I would not dream of asking him to move, lol....

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How long was he in with the chicks lol,I really have no where else to put him ,I have no rooster,hes happy.

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I have kept turkey chicks in with my chickens, and have kept geese in there too until mature. Never had a problem either. Just saying that was the rationale.

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Pooh Bear

A few years back they were cutting the field across the road from me for hay. They accidently ran the haymower over a mama turkey sitting on her eggs. It killed the turkey, but a neighbor had a hen that was wanting to sit on eggs, so they took the eggs and gave her something to sit on. Two of the eggs hatched and were raised with the chickens. Even being raised from hatchlings they went wild anytime someone went in the coop to feed them. And either the turkeys were eating them or the chickens stopped laying eggs until the turkeys were gone.

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