Are white tom turkeys usually nice?

mersiepoo(6)October 7, 2009

I have one of those production type turkeys, and he is really a nice one. I hear that turkeys are sometimes vicious. Is this typical behavior for them, to be nice? He's the only turkey, and doesn't seem to try and pick on the other birds, meanwhile the geese are pulling the tail feathers out of the chickens.

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never trust ANY tom turkey.

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Okay....but are they usually nice? Our two geese aren't very nice, even though I tried to 'socialize' them. Has anyone had turkey's that are nice? He never was socialized because I figured I was going to eat him, but he's such a sweet bird. He's not mean at all, which I find unusual. He doesn't seem to pick on any of the other birds.

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I used to have kardosh bronze and Spanish black turkeys, we showed them and the 1 bronze tom was national champion at Ohio Nat show. They were pretty tame and never made a bad move. I have had some others which began as pets, followed ya all over the place, until one day that all changed when the tom decided to whack anyone in sight. i dont think its anything breed specific, might be in the blood line? So, its possible it could be strain specific? Whit is just a color, all turkeys are the same except for color and some differences in type due to selection.

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I had broad breasted bronze and they never even thought of being nasty. Would take them out walking in the pasture every day and when they had pecked away for a while they would follow me back to their pen. I couldn't leave them out because the coyotes would get them as soon as I turned my back.Also raised wild ones but they wouldn't even think of coming anywhere near me.

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I had a white female turkey named turk turk and she was such a sweet heart ! I would bend down with my arms opened she would come running into my arms turn bright red when I'd pet her! If I sat down she would come behind me and put her head under my arm as to cuddle with me! She laid an egg a day for me and she started a nest a week before my husbands dog got loose and killed her ! I'm still upset about it :-(

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