Winter watering for ducks and geese; being away

sujiwan_gwOctober 22, 2009

We converted an 2 bay shed into a poultry house, One side has ducks and geese, the other side has chickens. They both have exterior runs. We don't currently have any water out there--everything has to be lugged from the house. During the warm weather the ducks and geese have had several containers including kiddie pools. Because they (runners) dig in the dirt they have made a large mud pond in their run and the water is almost immediately dirtied.

I'm wondering a few things about winter (here in zone 6)--what size/shape/material waterer is best (I have 9 runner ducks and 3 geese), how to keep the drinking water from being fouled and what kind of heater to use specifically,

Do waterfowl NEED to have swimming pools in winter or just drinking water?

I may need to be away for a few days at a time and can't find a poultry sitter--how to best handle water needs?

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I have one American Buff goose and he does quite well here with a heated bucket in his pen. I don't think geese or ducks need to be able to swim in a pool in the winter. My understanding is they need to be able to submerge their head and blow out their nose and get their eyes wet. I use a kiddie pool in the summer here, but out winters are brutal and he does fine with his heated bucket in his pen and a large water bucket out in the yard. He will take a bath in that bucket when it is below freezing and he still enjoys it.
I bought his heated bucket from Big R for about $12.00 although it is smaller than you would need. But they make all different sized ones.

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