Today's weather!

lily51(OH 5)October 26, 2010

What's your weather today?

We are getting the wind/rain from that line of storms that came through Minn,Ill, Ind,

Barometer reads 29.42".

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Temps in the 20s but only a dusting of snow. Moose in the front yard and a family of swans in the back. Ice on the lake but only about 1/2 an inch.

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had frost here last night and can see the white freeze on the soil....
clear now and sunny high 10 degrees celcius

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lily51(OH 5)

We're waking up to frost each morning now, but the days have been sunny and air still has warmth to it.

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Snowing and 30 degrees. We're supposed to 3-5 inches today. Driving will be great fun when this all freezes!

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oh boy, I almost feel bad to post this y'all... I guess today's high is supposed to be 86, with a low of 60, not a cloud in sight and my chickens having a blast enjoying their daily "scratch-a-thon".
We sure do enjoy the cooler weather. I know that sounds silly to some, but after putting up with months of 110+ degree weather, this is heaven.

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lily51(OH 5)

Back up into the 60's all next week!

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Supposed to be near 60 all week, with colder nights. We need some rain, very dry despite some occasional showers. Just not much rain dropped as they pass by.

Most of the trees are bare and color gone,but pasture grass and lawns are very green, still growing. I am having to water my newly planted shrubs, hope they are growing lots of roots! Have a few plants like Sedum to cut before they turn to mush in cold. Other garden beds, tomatoes, Peonies, are cleaned out, prepared for winter. Mulched with shredded Oak leaves so they look pretty nice! I never burn leaves, but the neighbors have been VERY busy, so we have that "Fall tang" in the air to breathe as clouds of smoke roll past. Sounds of yard machines, mowers, blowers, in the air.

Everything else is pretty winterized, because LAST year, winter came early and STAYED until after New Years! Just the odd jobs of putting away the bigger equipment for easy winter plowing is left. Winter tanks are out, just not running heaters yet. Horses all are very furry, just full of themselves in the cooler morning air. Lots of galloping and game playing when they come out for the day.

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Snowing here at the moment. Just got in from doing evening chores and everything is white. Waiting for space at the slaughterhouse for the hogs and am hoping to butcher one or two of the goats for the winter. Everything else is under snow and asleep for 6 months....

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