Older chicken with a hurt leg

catherinet(5 IN)October 23, 2013

Hello! I've been on Gardenweb for years, and didn't realize this forum was here!

I have a 10 and 1/2 year old Easter-Egger. She was limping off and on for a week or two. Then, about a week ago, she couldn't put any weight on her leg.
I moved her to a dog crate so she wouldn't have as much room. She's eating and drinking fine.
I was thinking it might be a sprain. Her foot was looking a little swollen. But I can move her foot all around and it doesn't bother her. But, when I hold her and flex and extend her leg, she flinches. I think its her "elbow".....(I guess that's maybe where the patella is??)
I haven't splinted anything yet. But.....if I think its that joint........how would I even try to splint it?

Sure wish she could tell me where it hurts! :)
Nothing feels broken.
Any suggestions?
I am giving her some aspirin for the pain.

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10 years old is certainly ripe old age. Congrats on being able to keep her alive that long. :)

First of all, a limping chicken could mean anything from and in between, botulism, being egg-bound, Marek's Disease, bumblefoot, slipped tendon in her hock joint, worms, or just a vitamin deficiency. From what I've seen in my chicken experiences, chickens get probably as many problems as humans.

Also, a pic would be helpful, just to access the overall condition.
It's a very good sign, that she is eating and drinking well.
Chickens are very hardy, and have a great 'will to survive'.

Eliminating couple of things;

Is there a black spot on the bottom of her foot?
If you palpate her rear a bit, under the vent, so you feel anything hard?

Splinting something shouldn't be your first resort.
Adding a teaspoon or two of Apple Cider Vinegar will help keep her resistance up and maintain general health.
If it's worms, you'll need to add a bit of Diatomaceous earth to her feed in order to kill them.
If it can be narrowed down to a slipped tendon, then I'll search out a page in my bookmarks about Chicken Podiatry for you to look at.

Hope this helps. :)

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