Chicken's safe? need advice

farmerintraining(7)October 8, 2008

I wish I had a photo to post maybe in the next couple of days. Question is..My hubby took a metal table and PVC pipe and Chicken wire and built me a bird cage. When I decided to get my girls I put it in their pen and made it their coop. Their pen has a large net top over it. I go out everyday at dark and close the wire door and lock it with a clamp I have and then let them out everymorning. do any of you think a coon or possum could get in there? I don't want anything to happen to my girls!!

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Wish you could post a picture. Are the chickens just protected by chicken wire and a lock? If so they aren't protected very much...raccoons and other varmints can go through mesh very easily. You would be surprised! All my birds have a wooden coop, and a wooden door with two wires that keep it shut completely. Is it on the ground? Do you have any electric fence around it?

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Hope you can post pictures soon. :)

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Please, PLEASE replace the chicken wire with something stronger, such as hardware cloth. Chicken wire is way too flimsy and predators can tear right through it, as numerous people here have found, to their heartache. Learn from our mistakes. :(

I've got a chicken site that may help, here is the section on coops & runs:

I have lots of pictures of my coop & run there, with details on how it was built. You don't mention what their pen is made of...but yeah, not only possums, but smaller vermin such as rats & mice can get right through chicken wire, and carry disease with them, ugh.

Your hubby sounds like an inventive & ambitious guy. :) Enjoy your chickens!

Velvet ~:>

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ginni77(z 5)

Always assume coons can get in your coop! I made the mistake of thinking they couldn't and lost 23 chickens in one night. Chicken wire just won't cut it. A hungry coon with fresh chicken on his mind can easily push his way thru it. You need to use good sturdy hardware cloth as Velvet said above. And be sure it's stapled down really well...don't leave any gaps or puckers that a coon can get his wily hands in!! If they can reach your chickens, they will kill them, even if they can't get in the coop!

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