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onetan4uOctober 13, 2009

Hi, I'm a new goat owner, Fainting goats and Pygmy's. I have (2) 3 week old fainter's and saw white stuff (like dandruff and tiny round white thingies (eggs maybe) of lice. I also saw light tan colored critters on the white color fur of the baby now I am terrified that I will get lice. I read above that a vet said we could not get lice from goats, boy, I hope not. :(

I have been holding and loving, and yes, kissing on them as they are so PRECIOUS. My question is what can I put on them the babies, as they are so young, and Mommy too? I would guess I may not can treat either since the babies are nursing. The lady I got the Pygmy's from says she uses AVON SKIN SO SOFT along the back of hers and never has any problems, but I am as I said new and clueless. Sorry this is so long, but i am so concerned being new at this (only for 4 days......Thanks in advance for any help. Brenda

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When I was raising day old dairy calves I often got them covered in lice. I use a product recommended for ticks and fleas and lice on dogs. even a shampoo will work. It will be mild enough for your babies. Just use a sponge to get them wet and dry them off.
especially on the inside of the flanks and front leg where the nasty critters will run to hide and in the ears..
If it's okay for dogs it will be fine for your babies.....

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