Sick Duck

Siamese(VA)October 3, 2008

My duck has been acting strange for about a week now. Basically she looks drunk and staggers around when she tries to walk. The other ducks are fine. She is separated from them and has been getting cod liver oil (for extra vitamins) but so far no change. She still drinks and eats, but her appetite is slightly decreased now. Her eyes & nose are clear. And stools are normal. Thanks for your help!

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Mine did the exact same thing..he had a far as we know.I't in the breeding.what breed is your duck?Mines a pekin,,
He acted drunk and disoriented for about a week and a half,,but now he's a lot better.He's still a little clumsy sometimes,like when he tries to scratch the left side of his face,,he sometimes loses his balance. but other than that he's living happily with his mate.
I'm sure your duck will improve over time. good luck,

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Sorry your duck isn't acting right.

The person who hosts says "If you need help quickly and don't have time to join the list, call me, 520 631-3320. If I don't have the answers myself, I can contact the list or call others to help you."

Good luck with your feathered friend.

Links that might be useful.

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