Hatching Pekins Duck Eggs

mhanrahan01October 7, 2008

Me and my son built an incubator and are trying to hatch some of my daughters duck eggs. Are all eggs laid by the female fertile. Its been aprox. 28 days and when we candle the eggs we are finding it hard to tell anything. How long should we wait? We have been able to maintain a constant temp of 100 degrees and humidity around 70%.

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Humidity consistency is very important. I've always mist the eggs after turning them starting about the 8Th day. According to my notes the humidity was 85% & Temp 99.5F from day 1 to day 25 there after increase humidity to 95% and drop temp to 98.5F for the last 3 days. Turn the eggs 3 x day first week, then 5 x day second week, then 7 x day to day 25-finish the last 3 days without turning.

when you candle the eggs at 28 days, you should be able to see 3/5Th dark 2/5 should appear light. The dark side should have an irregular shape and the bill should be pointing up into the lighter side. You should be able to see movement and hear peeping.

All birds can lay eggs with or without a male; so the answer is no.

There are a lot of things you'll need to know before the next batch is set. How to store the eggs before setting them-What temp to store at-Turning the stored eggs-to clean or not to clean (how to do it correctly)-how long they can be stored? How to prepare the incubator-cleaning/disinfecting it? Washing your hands before and after handling the eggs.

As you see the questions can go on and on. Google "hatching Duck Eggs". Check out the sites that are sponsored by an University or State. Many of the hatcheries have good info also.

Hope this helps-Good Luck-Virgil

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