Chicken sports

marlingardenerOctober 4, 2009

I was reminded today of "cabbage tether ball" to keep chickens entertained, so not having a whole cabbage, I tied an apple to the coop's rafter and my ladies are playing "apple tether ball" (or "get bopped by the swinging apple").

What sports do your chickens indulge in? With colder weather coming up, the ladies will be spending more time in the coop and I don't want them to get bored. They entirely ignore the chess set I gave them . . . .

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Funny, never thought about hanging an apple. Going to try that.

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I bet any wind-up toy would drive chickens batty. Or do they still even make wind-up toys?

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

I would love some ideas for my girls this winter. I tried the cabbage thing. They ignored the cabbage altogether, unless I broke it off into little pieces and gave it to them, then they loved it. They`re a bit spoiled, I think. I removed the frozen cabbage ball after about a week. It occurs to me that they were all very young last winter. This year a cabbage may work better. They have learned how to forage a bit better now.


Here is a link that might be useful: Providence Acres Farm Blog

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Give them grapes or cherry tomatoes or any small round fruit that isn't citrus, and they bowl. If you suspend a piece of toast on a string, they love to play with that. Also, if you have a melon that is past it's prime (my produce manager at the grocery will let me have an over-ripe melon for a dime--he has to charge according to the store's rules)just cut it in half and let them dive in, literally!
I think wind-up toys as suggested by Rockguy would frighten my ladies into not laying for a week! They have attitude, but they aren't overly brave.
Your chickens aren't spoiled, and neither are mine!

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Ha, that's funny! I remember my old neighbor telling me that she remembers a news article where guineas were playing 'soccer' with a balloon, I guess they were trying to attack it or something.

Maybe get a remote control car, put some food on top of it and have fun letting them chase it around?

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