Anyone with a mole problem?

mersiepoo(6)October 4, 2012

I am guessing it's all the grubs in the soil, but we are having a MOLE INVASION! They have been steadily creeping up to our garden, and last year they hit it, withering the pumpkins and digging holes everywhere. Figures, because I had bought organic sprays to keep the bugs away and organic fungicide to combat the funguses around here. I finally got a 'windmill' that is supposed to work. I spied a mole 10 inches from the windmill, not sure if I didn't drive it in far enough, it's supposed to be 12 inches in the soil, I could only get it down about 8 inches because it hits bedrock. Apparently, it must not work so good. However, I bought some of that mole med stuff and it seems to work for about 3 or 4 months, but I ran out so they are all over the place again. I think I'm going to get a bunch of rock piles and attract some snakes to eat them. I saw one of my chickens eating a mole. Good chicken!

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I helped my father battle his mole problem this summer. Mole scarers of any sort don't really work, and chemical deterrents have mixed reports. What does work is trapping them, unfortunately that leaves their tunnels intact under the ground for the next batch of moles to come in. I tore up my fathers yard with a piece of 5/8" rebar to collapse the tunnels, we will see if it worked over the next year or so.

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I have been doing battle with moles for the last fifteen years. Their tunneling has undermined almost everything I've ever planted. They especially like new plantings in soft moist earth. I have tried everything you guys mentioned plus a more inexpensive solution that is just as temporary but at least it doesn't cost much to get a few weeks off from trying to collapse the tunnels or my favorite; to catch them in the act of digging with the water hose and flood one of the little buggers to the surface then catch him by the tail and drop him in the neighbors yard (just kidding) I drop them in the pasture adjoining our property. For every one I catch this way, it seems like there is ten more to take it's place and it's only getting worse over the years. Anyway, if you mix a couple tablespoons of Castor oil with a couple tablespoons of concentrated dish soap (Dawn works well) and mix it in a couple gallons of water and use it as a soil soak, it acts as a deterrent for a while. All and all it is a never ending fight against a small tenacious creature who's just trying to make his own way in the world. It doesn't have any idea of the destruction it leaves behind with it's hunt for worms.

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