Money saved raising meat chickens?

ryseryse_2004October 23, 2013

We raised chickens years ago for eggs and for meat but raised them organically. They were free range and we couldn't sell them for what it cost us to raise them. Even our eggs were too expensive for rural people out here.

Now we are wondering if maybe raising 20 or so meat birds for our own consumption with free ranging and regular feed would be more economical than buying commercial chickens.

We have all the equipment and even still have a hoop house (that is currently used as a cat house for winter protection.) So, our out-lay of cash would be minimal. There is a large area for free-ranging and we can supplement with table scraps.

What do you think?

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We buy wonderful organic chickens for $2.00 a pound, they are large 6 to 8 pounds. They are the best chickens I have ever had. Now that I look at this I thought it averaged out to $20 to $25 a chicken so it would be more like $3.00 a pound. I will check it out and let you know......

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