boiling free range eggs

another_buffalo(6)October 11, 2012

Just finished making deviled eggs for a covered dish supper this evening using VERY fresh eggs. While not totally foolproof, I simply added veg oil to the water they were to be boiled in. Surprisingly, I learned this technique from some young men (body builders) who come to the farm for grassfed buffalo meat and free range eggs - they are very conscious of what they put into their bodies.

After adding the oil and eggs to the water, bring it to a boil and remove from heat. Set a timer for 30 minutes, then put the eggs in ice water for ten minutes. I put them in the frig at this point, then deviled them the next morning. It helps to peel the eggs under running water. You can still expect to mess up a few of the eggs, so boil more than you think you will need. You can add the yolks of those to the filling mixture, so they won't be wasted.

Since learning this method of peeling fresh eggs, I've been making deviled eggs every chance I get.

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There is an easier way.put eggs in cold water,bring to bouil,take off heat cover ,let sit 15 minutes.peel

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That may work just fine for store bought eggs, but when you try to peel FRESH eggs, its a different situation all together. Many of us raise our own chickens/eggs and know the problem. I actually bring the water, with oil in it, to a boil, remove from the heat and let set for 30 minutes, then put in ice water for 10 minutes. Then peel under running water.

After mashing the yolks, I add pickle juice (sweet) to moisten, then add a dab of mayo, prepared mustard, a little mustard powder and some diced scallions to the mixture. Put in a zip lock bag, cut out the corner and fill the whites. Put in frig for a couple of hours and its GREAT! Oh, and a sprinkle of paprica on top and a few of the scallions to make it pretty and even tastier.

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I dont buy store bought eggs...roll on counter before peeling.roll with the palm of your hand.

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A savvy good friend of mine saved my sanity when peeling farm fresh boiled eggs. She adds salt (preferably sea salt) to the water when boiling the eggs -- lots of it, as in 3-4 tablespoons for 18 eggs. A couple tablespoons for 6 eggs would probably do. Just peel them under cold water after you have cooled them. It really works!

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

I have used the salt method and it does work. I will try the oil method and see how it works for me. I learn great things from you guys!

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