Nitrile Gloves: butchering , gardening, painting, etc...

blueberrier1October 12, 2008

Just finished processing 98 cornish cross chickens. This time I wore nitrile gloves instead of the powder-free latex I had used for years.

These gloves are tough-never had one rip after gutting and trimming 24-30 chickens. (I always take a break after each batch)! I get a new pair for each batch. The gloves are very pliable...I can 'finger-out' the lungs with no problems. Have not had any sweating issues...nor rashes. After air-chilling the birds in the frig for 24 hours, I again don these gloves for cutting up the birds that are not frozen whole.

When I use these for gardening, I simply wash my hands with the gloves on, and then clip them to a hanger to dry for reuse. This season, I have only used about 6 pairs ...and that was because I managed to nick them on rough wire.

Of course, I wear these gloves for bleach clean up. They are my favorite NEW item of the year!

Found them at Costco. Made in Thailand. Do not know if they are at Lowes or walmart.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Sam's Club has them. I do find my hands sweat in them on hot days, but not as much as in the latex gloves - and they are tougher. I use them also for cleaning the bones after making chicken soup - those go straight in the trash (with the bones, skin and small bits of meat go to the dog) as I fear bacterial contamination too much to try to re-use them. And they gloves are wonderful for de-shelling or de-tailing (if you don't want to leave the tails as handles for dipping) shrimp after thawing and before cooking - no smell on your hands for hours after.

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dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)

Agree with you on the nitrile glovs. I find they fit better than the vinyl ones. I have even started using them when I wash dishes -- I always wore rubber gloves, but find these work just as wellso that I can still use really hot water.
And I like the little bumps on the finger - helps for gripping.

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